Formed in 2021, the band has redefined traditional boundaries, creatively blending the heart-warming honesty of classic country songwriting with the raw energy of alternative rock. Their music embodies a refreshing blend of gritty Southern Rock, deep, poignant narratives, and a twang of modern alternative edge that will catch listeners across generations and genres. The band comprises four talented members, each bringing their own unique flair to the dynamic ensemble. They have steadily garnered a dedicated fanbase through their series of singles released since their debut in 2021, each track a testament to their exceptional versatility and talent. Their originality and authenticity have made them a stand-out act within the Southern Rock and Alternative Country landscape. Jeremy Phillips and the Ozark Grunge are not just a band; they represent a fresh direction in the music scene. With their original blend of music, they bridge the gap between the old and new, infusing the scene with an exhilarating breath of fresh air.”

Jeremy Phillips & The Ozark Grunge

A captivating blend of Southern Rock and Alternative Country music, with a unique grunge twist.

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